With my previous 10 years+office experience , I relate to employees as a colleague as well as a Pilates specialist for Common Orthopedic conditions. I am therefore confident, your employees will relate to me and some might be experiencing symptoms that they need to be addressed ASAP and managed with regular self care. Mostly, with our overworked healthcare services, sadly a Gp’s approach is to tell people they have arthritis or its all in their heads! As a company, you don’t want your staff to need time of sick especially long term. During this morbid lockdown especially, you as employers have a responsibility to ensure those especially working from home feel connected to their teams mentally and maintain a healthy team bonding spirit through wellness not just on Zoom meetings! By addressing very small postural issues, correcting breathing and realigning the body, you will notice huge changes in your staff.

I will personally share a wealth of knowledge I gathered through my personal and professional journey to ensure your staff prepare their minds & bodies and never have to deal with any tension in the day which Pilates has a means to eliminate in a few seconds. They will feel empowered not just at work but for the rest of their journey. As we know, we have an ageing population. With Pilates we are likely to feel better at 60 than we do at 45!

Below are some of the planned talks on our agenda. Each presentation will engage the employees and show them movements, breathing technics to help them strengthen, stretch and mobilise their body, enabling them to last longer maintaining good posture on their desk.

  • Static Postural Assessments are a waste of time: Here’s why
  • The importance of Lateral Breathing
  • How to strengthen your core – What do we mean by core strength?
  • Pain Free Knees & legs
  • Pain Free Hips
  • The golden bullet to improve circulation

I am 100% certain your company will see improvement amongst those that attend our talks and practicing Pilates method almost immediately. Not only will their performance at work peak but they will regain overall wellbeing just by working on their breathing and assessing their day to day movement to correct their posture.

The presentations will be interactive. Access to a FREE download PDF – Workout @ work (Simple exercises that can be done at your desk using Pilates circle)

  • Acces to our online videos – Subscription based full videos
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Should you decide further services including..

  • Office group classes
  • A well managed return to work program
  • Health-related employee benefits
  • Health promotion events

We can send further information and quotes as required.

Lastly, This video with my Mentor Dr Outhwaite explains pain for the average person with chronic pain and the importance of exercises such as Pilates -

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