Hope Pilates

Hope Pilates Ltd was established in 2010. Our mission is to enhance the individuals way of life and equip them with the fundamentals of Pilates. Pilates is a way and not a momentary practice. We will help the individual unlock their 'PowerHouse' and get you feeling calmer, stronger, healthier, younger,  in 'mind and body'.

Make your company a better place to work

With Pilates you can..

  1. Release of Muscle tension & improved Musculoskeletal function
  2. Improve circulation
  3. Reduce the perception of Stress
  4. Reduce Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  5. Lower Anxiety and Depression
  6. Improve Concentration and Mood
  7. Increase Alertness
  8. Improve Core strength

Our Vision

Here at Hope Pilates, we believe that the Pilates is often misunderstood, often just though of as a way to stretch! The benefits are endless. We have put together a series of Talks to run at your offices, breaking down all the important (Anatomical) topics that are essential for your employees to have some basic understandings . We believe by empowering the individual, they are taking responsibility to ensure a better quality of work life. For the chronic pain sufferer, it is a way of maintaining a pain free life. For the average individual, it is a way to ensure they never have to suffer an injury or any discomfort. The usual knots and stiff back can be bad but consider what the client with WRULD’s or worst, those who are undiagnosed are having to deal with on a regular basis.


Why Choose Hope Pilates Method?

1. You will be treated as a whole person – emotional and environment factors are also taken into account since they can profoundly affect your wellbeing.
2. Precious Pilates Mums (Pre Natal) workshops and educational coffee morning and much more to get mums to be ready and more importantly feel pampered and ready to welcome their new born's into the world. (Post Natal) Free dialysis test, and reconditioning and strengthening the yummy mummy body and other exciting community and mothers networking workshops.
3. Common Orthopedic conditions treatment packages with added bonus of Kinesiology taping inclusive when necessary can be arranged. Effective pain relief, support for muscles and joints and general enhanced recovery.
4. Hope Pilates can often provide a solution where other treatments have failed or are constrained due to allergies, injuries.
5. Pilates can help reduce the need for conventional medicines and work well alongside normal medication.
6. Many people report greatly increased vitality and wellbeing after a successful Hope Pilates treatment.
7. Hope Pilates holds special feature Zoom 1:1 classes, workshops and webinars. Please enquire on the website for more details.
8. Online support, videos, Movement cards and tips on making your own Aromatherapy remedies using essential oils to enhance every aspect of your health and well being.

Hope Pilates can be booked for home visits post lockdown. The newly refurbished, Covid-19 safety checked spacious, light, airy and studio, is minutes away from Streatham Hill Bus garage tucked away from the noise high street with FREE parking!

Corporate Pilates workshops, talks can be arranged either in the studio or via Teams/Zoom.

Ready to find out more?

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