Our Solution

Having 1st hand experience in dealing with chronic pain induced by JHS majority of my life, I want you equipped you with tools of life to dissolve your pain away and learn how to self-care in pain management.  I can help reduce pain caused by JHS/EDS, WRULD, RSI, Chronic pain and much much more!

“All Chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at a cellular level”, Arthur Guyton, MD, American physiologist.

Treatment formula with Hope Pilates

(Pilates, Tens, KT & Relaxation) which will give your body a new lease of life. Promoting good breathing, circulation, proprioception, relaxation & lots f energy

A very personal Pilates rehab package

Women doing pilates on a reformer

Pilates foundation is built upon the following eight principles: Alignment, Control, Breath, Concentration, Flow, Centring & Precision, Stamina.

Pilates promotes lateral breathing, which expands your overall breathing capacity. Breathing technique helps use gain energy and also to relax, proprioception, ability and resilience to deal with Chronic pain better.

It is important that clients are aware Pilates is an extremely safe, powerful tool of mindfulness. Giving at least one other alternative per exercise, it is important to note that there is not one thoughtless movement within the Pilates methodology. There is something for everyone, as unique and individual as we are.

Relaxation / Breath Work Podcasts


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Listen to my Podcasts and improve your breathing technics, sleep pattern and much more! Hypermobiles frequently use a ‘bracing’ pattern with breath holding in an attempt to improve stability and use more force. As the global muscles of the trunk are used, the ribs can become fixed so that chest expansion, and therefore efficient respiration, is affected.

We are often told to ‘Breathe deeply’. This concept has been taught in Yoga and meditation for many centuries. This often leads a person to a state of drowsiness, a state mistaken for meditative state. This leads to Hypoxia, as there is too much air is being inhaled. Shortage of CO2 in the body reduces cellular uptake of O2, leading to the reduction of O2 in the bloodstream travelling to the brain and muscles. This induces a state of Hypoxia; which is often mistaken for the relaxed meditative state the Yoga and meditation hope to achieve. (The Health Equation)

Flat feet can also cause much discomfort and translate into the body as nagging pain elsewhere in the body. As the feet are the base of our structure, it is imperative we look after them better! Trigger points, Miyofascia release and sports massage also available, post lockdown.

Kinesiology Tape (KT)

An elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. (KT) This tape can also be used to prevent in injury, i.e. decrease overuse of a muscle (ROM - range of movement) or to treat an injury i.e. Upper limb disorder formally known as RSI

Tens Machine

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation  (TENS) machine, is used by some people as an alternative to painkillers. Your GP or Specialist should make any changes to medication in terms of dosage. This small machine with sticky pads on the ends attached by wires sends small electrical currents when attached to the skin that helps ease pain.

Not all clients need this machine to be incorporated into their program. All cases are assessed individually and clients will be assisted online or via call 7 days a week! Contact us NOW for your FREE 30mins Zoom consultation.