My Story

I had an office based career which span over 10 years before I found Pilates. Throughout my teens I had certain Musculoskeletal pains that presented in my back, hands, knees which went undiagnosed for over 20 years.

In my early 30’s I was finally diagnosed as ‘Joint Hypermobility Syndrome’. When I compare my mobility, pain threshold, core strength, breathing I can honestly say I was worse off then! I found Pilates over 10 years ago and it has improved my way of life 100%. 

I have always kept a day job (Desk job) alongside my classes until one day, I got injured at work. I burst a capillary in my right hand while trying to sort out a flooding that was caused by one of my team members having left the tap on in the toilets.

When the doctor told me I would be out of work for about six months, I thought that was the end of the world until I discovered, I actually had to permanently stop my office manager career as I was no longer able to do the basics such as type, write, not even hold a cup of tea!

In a split second, my life changed dramatically! Luckily, I had another career already. A year on, I regained full movement and strength now in my right hand through Pilates alone.

With my previous experience & understanding of the office, I relate to  employees as a colleague as well as a Pilates specialist for Common Orthopedic conditions. I am therefore confident, people will relate to me and some might be experiencing symptoms that they need to address.